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It’s not yet dawn in Montana when the Y doors open for a weekday and it’s dark when we close up, but the building is alive and bright with activity. From 5 a.m. until 10 p.m. weekdays (we open a bit later on weekends) you are welcome to join us—lift weights, swim, shoot some hoops, take a music class. Classes, swim lanes, sports leagues and camps are scheduled throughout the hours—it seems that there’s always something scheduled going on. But at the same time there’s open space, “elbow room” if you will, for you to stretch, workout and connect with your strength on your own in your own “personal space.”

When you’re looking at the schedules, remember that if a class or league is not scheduled to use that space, the basketball court or aerobics studio for example, you are most welcome to use it yourself.

And although our child care and preschool centers don’t open quite as early as 5 a.m., our terrific staff is ready for your child bright and early, when you need them to be.

Check below for current schedule information—and as always, you can get further information at the Welcome Center, 721-YMCA (9622).

Facility Schedules

Check out our new online scheduling app. Select Missoula Family YMCA on the top left to see all of our schedules.

Group Exercise / March 2014

Group Exercise / April 2014

Cycling / March 2014

Water Fitness Schedule / March 2014

Pool Schedule / March 2014

Big Gym Schedule / Winter

Blue Gym Shceudle / Winter

Active 6 March 2014

Family Fun Time / April 2014

Basketball Schedules

4th & 5th Grade Basketball Schedule

4th & 5th Grade Basketball Schedule (Second Half)

Indoor Soccer Schedule

2014 Indoor Soccer Schedule