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Meet YMCA Instructor: Meighan H.


Meighan Hanich has been a familiar face for many at the Missoula Family YMCA. She joined the Y more than 20 years ago and became such a regular in its group fitness classes that the YMCA fitness director at the time invited her to be an instructor.

"My first classes were pretty memorable," she said with a laugh. "I've definitely honed my skills since those early days."

Today, Meighan can be found teaching classes like Functional Strength and Cycling at the YMCA. She's also a certified personal trainer, helping folks achieve individual health goals in a one-on-one setting.

"People in my classes started asking if I'd train them," she explained. "I was eager to learn something new, so I got certified as a personal trainer."

"I love when people come up and say things like, 'I'm now able to hike the M,'" Meighan said. "It's exciting to watch people develop their functional strength in ways that they can use in everyday life."

Being both an instructor and personal trainer allows Meighan opportunities to work with people of all backgrounds. As a fitness class instructor, Meighan adjusts classes to meet the needs of the group. As a personal trainer, though, she's able to offer customized one-on-one direction that helps clients achieve individual goals.

"The Y's an incredible place and I'm so happy to be a part of it," she said with a smile.


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