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Prevent Abuse

Child abuse prevention requires a multi-layer approach. The YMCA works with Praesidium, a national abuse-prevention organization, to create policies, procedures, and trainings that keep children in our facility and programs safe.

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Child Safety at the YMCA

YMCA policies create boundaries and help monitor behavior. Staff are trained to recognize and report red flags, rule violations, and change in children's behaviors. Additionally all staff are mandatory reporters and required to report signs of suspected abuse.

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Family Resources

Children depend on the adults in their life to guide and protect them. Praesidium has compiled various resources for families to learn how talk to youth about abuse, protect youth, and respond to allegations of child abuse.

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Report a Concern

Text 406-215-4871 with any concerns or compliants about Y program safety. Texts are anonymous. You have the option to provide your contact information to allow us to learn more, investigate, and report back. Communication will remain confidential.

If you suspect that a child is being abused either in or outside of Y programs, call the DPHHS hotline at 1-800-820-KIDS (5437). Communication is confidential unless a district judge orders otherwise.


Child Safety at the YMCA

Here at the YMCA, we're committed to providing safe, welcoming environments for the children and families in our programs. All YMCA staff are trained in child abuse prevention and are mandatory state reporters. We work closely with Praesidium, a national abuse prevention agencies, to ensure our policies and procedures meet and exceed best practice. Click the PDFs below for information on the Missoula Y's work around child abuse prevention and for information on how to keep your child safe outside of the Y.


Child Safety at the YMCA  Child Safety Outside of the YMCA  Tools to Keep Youth Safe