Low-impact water fitness classes to increase strength and improve flexibility.

Water Fitness Classes

Water exercise is for everyone! Increase strength and improve flexibility through aquatic workouts that are low-impact. Classes are included with Y membership.


At a Glance:

  • Unlimited class access
  • Equipment provided
  • Proper swimwear is required and a water bottle is recommended
  • Please shower before entering the pool
  • All classes offer modification and are open to all fitness levels
  • Onsite drop-off child care is available for Y members and guests


Enjoy the power of movement in the water! This class is a combination of cardio and strength training intervals from moderate to high intensity using upbeat music and some equipment. Class takes place in the shallow end.

This class consists of a warm up, cardio segments, and strength training using motivating music to keep pace. A variety of equipment such as paddles, buoys, resistance bands, and noodles intensifies the workout keeping it challenging and fun! Class takes place in both the shallow and deep ends. Aqua belts are encouraged in the deep end.

Feel the benefits of water with no impact while fully suspended. This class is a moderate- to high-intensity workout set to music which will help you develop cardio stamina, strengthen your core, and tone your body while in a continuous state of multilevel movement. This class takes place in the deep end. Aqua belts encouraged.

The fun of aqua meets the flow of yoga! This class features low- to moderate-intensity water exercises while incorporating the mindfulness of yoga. Increase your muscular strength and endurance as well as flexibility, balance, and coordination in this low-impact class. If you experience arthritis, pain in your joints, are recovering from an injury, or want a slower-paced class, this class was made for you! This class takes place in the shallow end.

Come ready to work! This class incorporates timed intervals of varied intensity with recovery periods. Segments of cardio, strength, core, power, agility, and balance will help you meet your fitness goals! This class takes place in the shallow end with minimal equipment.

Pump up your cardio and strength training with exhilarating music. Learn exercises using varied equipment such as paddles, buoys, resistance bands, and noodles to up your game! Enjoy the added benefits of stretching and balance practice. This class takes place in the shallow end.

Enjoy an up-tempo shallow water workout that offers multiple intensity options to supercharge your core, endurance, and flexibility training! This class is designed to let you tailor the exercises to meet the needs of your body.