Man in red shirt with glasses standing in front of Y logo

Meet YMCA Member: Dustin W.

Dustin, a Blackfoot tribal member, discovered the Missoula YMCA services through a flyer. He learned about the services offered at the YMCA, including child care and the Health & Wellness Center. Initially hesitant about leaving his kids with strangers, he and his family were warmly welcomed at the YMCA. He immediately appreciated the inclusive environment that allowed his family to engage in activities, creating a sense of community and belonging. Dustin credits the Y’s role in helping him break out of survival mode and reconnect with his family, expressing gratitude for the support and opportunities it provided. Since joining in 2006, he has been an active member and appreciates the YMCA’s scholarship program, making membership accessible to him. Concluding with his involvement in fundraising and coaching at the Y, Dustin acknowledges the YMCA for helping him realize his dreams and fostering a sense of community.


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