Chloe Taulbee kicks a soccer ball during a game

Meet YMCA Members: Bryan and Chloe


When Chloe was just 5 years old, she started playing soccer at the Missoula YMCA. Fast forward to 13, she’s well on her way to national recognition. 

“Having fun with all my friends that do it, my love just started growing more and more as I started getting touches on the ball and learning how to do things.”

She’s since played with different teams in Missoula, and has really made a name for herself. 

“It was great having the YMCA being a stepping stone for her to get to where she is now,” her dad Bryan said. 

This year, she was one of less than 200 kids who joined the Olympic Development Program. The ODP runs almost year-round. 

Bryan said he’s so proud. “(I was) never a soccer player, never really liking soccer, and now I’d rather watch her play soccer than anything.”

Chloe said she has so many good friends on the team, and she loves the challenge the sport brings.

“It’s a physical game, and you don’t have to be soft with players.”

Her dream is to play in college. She’s working hard to get noticed and is looking into colleges with soccer programs. 

Chloe offered up some advice to other young athletes. “Even going through difficult times learning, just kinda stick with it.” She continued, “Try your best, because you bring what you learn in practice to games.” 


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