Here for the Peacocks

Jenn and Erik Peacock have been taking their kids to the Missoula Family YMCA for over 15 years now, each finding their own unique place and passion within the community.

After Jenn and Erik had their first child, Quinn, the YMCA was an obvious choice for their family. “It was the kids programs that drew us in. We started with swim lessons when the kids were really little, then moved them on to different sports teams. We always used the after school programs, and then we kind of all found our own little niche here over time,” Jenn explained. Today, you can find their son, Donovan, swimming on the Missoula YMCA Swim Team (MYST), Jenn working out at the gym, and Erik doing physical therapy training after getting back surgery.

Above all else, the Peacock family loves the inclusive, welcoming environment they’ve found in the Y—especially when it comes to their kids. “It’s just such a comfortable place to be, because everyone is so welcome,” according to Jenn. “The after school programs are essential to a lot of families, and the camps are huge—there just aren’t a lot of choices to keep kids busy in the summer, and for us, particularly, the options are somewhat limited. But Donovan gets to have a great summer with the Y.” While Donovan lives with developmental disabilities that can limit his options for out-ofschool activities, he’s been able to grow and thrive with the Y, from his place on the swim team to his role as a camp counselor assistant in the summer.

“They found a place for him—he can help the counselors. He feels like he has a job, and he’s taken care of,” Erik explained. Donovan loves working alongside the summer camp counselors, and his favorite part is helping the younger kids during lunch time.

From those very first swim lessons for Quinn, to cheering on Donovan on the swim team 15 years later, the Missoula Family YMCA is proud to be here for every member of the Peacock family.


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